Liberty Sity Federal Police Department­ gets the job done!


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About Us

We are a "Grand theft auto IV" Clan, We are called "Liberty Sity Federal Police Department" (LSFPD) and we have weekly patrol's, and training on weekends. (LSFPD) is only on Playstation 3 (PS3) we have nothing to do with "Xbox360" you must have PS3 to join this clan.

How Do You Join?

Its very easy to join all you have to do is add the following PSN "Playstation Network" names ( LSFPD_AREA-51­ , LSFPD_Dejkriz) or you can email one of us.

Contact us now!

Information to join!

We are currently looking for people to join but there are some rules,

- You must be of the age 13 or older

-You must be able to be online from monday - friday. and sunday for meeting,

-You must have a working headset (bluetooth)

-You must be respectful and respect higher ranks

Please read more rules here

What does the owner of (LSFPD) do other then run (LSFPD)

Well the owner of (LSFPD) is a rap/freestyle artist he has a youtube channel you can check out and

rate comment and subscribe, Just click Here to hear his music


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